Software Development

With our proper conceptualization of your product development, our completion on delivery meets benchmarked standards. As a leading software companies, the critical milestones we meet are designing a robust architecture using the appropriate technology, while adhering to high quality and cost optimization.

Our well-defined workflow systems help in taking your product to the market with utmost operational efficiency and creativity with short time spans, as it is significant to stay ahead of the competition.

The way we approach the product lifecycle management is very strategic, from ideation, development to re-engineering and product-related support.

The team at Tectera is specialized not only in software development by also in web application development and mobile app development.

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Why Tectera is considered as one of the leading software companies? Software Development is a collection of several activities that includes planning, UI designing, programming, testing and more. With enhancing globalization our lifestyle is changing rapidly with these processes. There are several software companies around the world offering software development services, but the one we offer help you generate better results.

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With our rapid prototyping methodology, we bring the interface design to life with the defined specifications and static mock ups. This method also helps minimize development errors at early stages, without waiting for the end of the project, this way the investments also will be forecasted and optimized. The time consumption for delivery is also reduced.

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Product Development

Being a consultative strategic partner, we create software products that add value to your customers by identifying emerging trends and understanding market dynamics. You can attain competitive advantage by the valuable insights our teams share. Hence Tectera is ranked as best software companies Sri Lanka

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Product Testing

The end product that reaches the market will deploy full functionalities and performance and will be completely evaluated by our QA team. The latest testing technology is used on continuous basis to make sure the developed product undergoes comprehensive evaluation such as Validation and Load Testing, System Testing, Functionality and Crash Testing.


Product Support

Post-deployment support team will ensure that your product will continue to remain engaging to your customers at all times. This is very critical as continuous product improvement is a key feature that is ignored in many businesses. Tectera is one of the software companies that focus on after delivery services